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Welcome to Hirst Farm, located at the south end of the quiet town of Purcellville, Virginia. Just 50 miles from the Nation's Capital, in the foothills of the oldest mountain range on Earth, Purcellville is the economic hub of western Loudoun County. Our community is small enough to know your neighbors and receive numerous waves from neighborhood friends as you walk the trail system of Hirst Farm.

~ Board of Directors ~

The next Board of Directors Meeting of Hirst Farm will be held on Wednesday, May 15

The connections credentials to join virtually are:

Meeting ID: 825 4297 1867

Audio Only: 301 715 8592

Meetings of the Board of Directors are normally held on the third Wednesday of odd-numbered months.

2024 Organizational Meetings are: March 20, May 15, July 17, September 18, November 20, and the 2024

2024 Annual Meeting-January 15, 2025

President's Report 1/18/23


Interested in community amenities?

Capital Improvement

Committee Meeting

Next Meeting TBD


 Volunteers Needed !!


We are now in the position to look at our community amenities! We need your help. Please join the Capital Improvement Committee

Hirst Farm Pond

In 2021, $46,100 is budgeted, and in 2022 (FY 2023), $450,000 is budgeted by the Town of Purcellville to complete our pond as a wet pond, though the Town's engineering staff believes the amount budgeted for FY 2023 could be reduced to $200,000 once the final construction estimates are in hand.

At the Town Council meeting held on Tuesday, September 13th, the Town's engineering director gave an update on the Hirst Farm Pond project.

The engineering director, Dale Lehnig said that the Hirst Farm Pond will be completed next year as a wet pond, not the dry pond from the original design for our community. Best practices have changed since Hirst Farm construction began and part of the grant funding for this project is predicated on a reduction in the amount of Phosphorous going into Goose Creek in a wet pond configuration.

A kickoff meeting for the Hirst Farm Pond project with Kimley Horn as the Town's Engineer was held on August 31.  The meeting included Kimley Horn, Town Staff and Loudoun County Staff.  Kimley Horn outlined their scope of work and a general schedule.  The first step in this phase of design will be to have a geotechnical engineer perform an investigation of the embankment.  Future phases will include a hydrologic analysis verification, pond model development, and final engineering plan preparation.  Kimley Horn will focus on addressing the remaining comments from Loudoun County; they will work closely with Loudoun County to ensure that the comments are addressed appropriately before a final submission to Loudoun County.

Hirst Farm HOA President Jon Standley confirmed with Town staff that control of the pond will pass to our HOA once construction is complete. This means that the HOA will become responsible for pond maintenance.

There is already about $600,000 allocated by the Town of Purcellville to complete this project with all of that sum coming to the Town in the form of grants. Dale Lehnig said she estimates an additional $93,000 is needed to finish the Hirst Farm project.  This amount will cover hardening of the spillway, engineering plan changes, and some of the cost of geotechnical investigations required by the County. The Town and County will find the funding needed, relieving Hirst Farm homeowners of the cost to complete this long-awaiting improvement to our community.


~ Community Newsletter ~

Fall 2022 Newsletter

Fall 2021 Newsletter



~ Architectural Review Board ~

The Architectural Review Board accepts applications and meets via e-mail with in person meetings when requested by residents. Typical review period is within 2 weeks of receipt.


The ARB is looking for more volunteers. Please use the Volunteer Sign-up Sheet in the Handy HOA Documents in the right hand column to help out in your community!


~Property Management Company ~

Contact information for the property management company is shown below.

Property Management People
92 Thomas Johnson Drive, Suite 170
Frederick, MD  21702
Phone 301-694-6900

Spring 2020 Newsletter

Fall 2022 Newsletter


~ Town and County News ~

Town of Purcellville

New Cell Tower on Wastewater Treatment Plant Property

The Town Council voted on a finalized contract with Wireless Edge on September 7, 2021. Wireless Edge will need about eight months to obtain all necessary permits. Following that, construction of the new tower and leasing to carriers is expected to take 6-9 months. The new cell tower will provide some revenue to support the Town's water fund and provide much better cell service for the residents of Hirst Farm.

In April, 2022, the Town Manager reported that one of the four major national carriers is still moving forward; the Lease Agreement with Wireless Edge is in its 2nd round of comments and should be completed sometime in May. Wireless Edge requested and received a Letter of intent (LOI) from the carrier that they are diligently working to bring the site to fruition.
In August, 2022, Wireless Edge conducted a balloon test to demonstrate visibility of the new tower from surrounding areas.

In November, 2022, Wireless Edge delivered a timeline for completion of construction of the new cell tower. The expected date for completion of construction is March, 2023. After the tower is built it should take another two months or so to mount carrier equipment and go into service.

Report Town Issues with New Online Tool


Did you know the Town has an online reporting tool where you can submit issues that need to be addressed by the staff? 

    street, sidewalk, right-of-way
    street light
    trash and/or recycling
    sewer / wastewater
    tall grass / blighted property
    town facility / property
    other concerns

The Online Citizen Issue Form is designed to bring attention and resolution to your concerns.  You will be allowed to upload as many as three photos to better clarify the issue.  Take some time to be familiar with the form and bookmark it for future reference. 


~ Mailing Address for HOA Payments ~

After January 31, 2018

All mailed payments should be sent to:

Hirst Farm HOA
PO Box 62678
Phoenix, AZ 85082-2678

Please use the Account Numbers shown on communications from Property Management People.  If you have any questions, please contact PMP at 703-771-9355.


~ Handy HOA Documents ~

Articles of Incorporation

HOA Bylaws

Architectural Guidelines

Architectural Change Request Form

Hirst Farm Color Chart

Volunteer Sign-up Sheet

FAQ on Lawn Treatments in Common Areas


~ Social Committee ~

Calling all clothes swapper ladies of the neighborhood! The time has almost come for our New Year, New You Neighborhood sip and swap!
Date Set: Sunday February 11th 3-5pm 
400 Gatepost Court
Light snacks and beverages provided by the community. Please drop off a bag or more of donations (if not already) ahead of the party (anytime!) or on the day of the event for swap shopping! That means any beautiful things you pick out at the event are at NO COST!
Ladies and young adult ladies event. (Mostly ladies clothes. A few mens/teen boys, but not much) 
We have clothes, shoes, jewelry, handbags, scarfs, jackets and more! So many name brands and in GREAT condition! Most like-new! Hope to see many of our great ladies here!! 🥳🥰💗

~ Old News ~

National Propane Buyer's Co-op (2009)

Propane Water Heater Recall Notice (2007)